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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina has witnessed notable and continuous growth for over 25 years, making it one of Europe’s fastest growing emerging markets.

Today, it is an EU potential candidate country embarking on a new growth trajectory attracting investments from all over the world.

A Top Tourist Destination for GCC &J
Europe for the Last Five Years

Whether you are visiting the world heritage site at Mostar, hiking on the Dinaric Alps, or whitewater rafting in its many rivers there is something for everyone in this heart-shaped country. As you get enchanted by the Mediterranean and Alpine climates, the range of diverse landscapes and experiences will amaze you.

Why invest?

Highest Potential Trading Market Strategic Location Stable Currency (Pegged with Euro) Easy to Establish New Business Ideal Country for Manufacturing and Lowest Tax in Europe


A Healthy Lifestyle Your Children’s Education A Secure Future


As Bosnia & Herzegovina becomes increasingly popular, now is the perfect time to invest in the real estate market.

Bosnia & Herzegovina is a country that connects the east and west and will soon be a member of the European Union.

Here, the future looks bright.


Regarding their investments the foreign investors enjoys equal status, rights and duties, as domestic legal and physical persons. A foreign investor enjoys full legal security and legal protection in respect of rights acquired by virtue of the investment. Rights of foreign investors acquired in the moment of registration of the legal documents cannot be deteriorated by subsequent alteration of laws and other regulations.

Company with foreign investment enjoys equal legal status and carries on its business under equal conditions and in an equal manner ad do domestic companies. Foreign citizens in BiH shall exercise the same rights and freedoms as citizens of BiH, provided for by the legislation of the country (in competence of Ministry of Justice BiH)

There are many reasons for investing in BiH, such as:
- Stable financial sector
- Favorable Trade and other Agreements
- Favorable Tax and Customs System
- Availability of skilled, educated and competitively priced labor force
- An abundance of premises and sites, industrial zones, free trade zones
- Foreign Investor Support Fund etc.

Foreign investors concerned about the risks of transfer restriction, expropriation, war and civil disturbance and denial of justice, can be insured against these risks with the European Union Investment Guarantee Trust Fund for Bosnia and Herzegovina, administered by the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA, a member of the World Bank Group).

BiH is eligible for assistance from the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), which also provides political risk insurance for investors.

Work permits for foreign investors are issued on the basis of residence permit. Work permits are issued by the authorized Employment Offices for the maximum period of up to one year and can be extended.

The employer should apply for work permits for their foreign employees. Work permits are issued for the person for specified position and with specified employer for specified period of time. The employment of foreign national will be permitted if he is qualified for the position and if no unemployment citizens of BiH can be found to fill the vacancy. With the termination of employment, the corresponding work permit is invalidated.

The permit evaluation process needs to be completed 7 days upon the submission of required documents.

Money transfer to Bosnia and Herzegovina goes through banks directly or via intermediary banks, depending on the sender’s location.

Cash that exceeds 10,000 EUR must be reported at the border or airport.

Residence and movement of foreign nationals in BiH is regulated by the Law on Movement and Residence of Foreigners and Exile.

A temporary residence permit is issued by the authorized Ministry of Interior Affairs for a period of up to one year and can be extended. If the residence permit is issued on the basis of employment agreement, its validity is directly linked to the work permit. Since the first residence permit can be issued for one year only, foreign employee needs to extend both his work and residence permits, once that period expires.

If a foreign national intends to reside in BiH with his/her spouse and/or children, this must be mentioned in the application for the first residence permit. A permanent residence permit can be issued to a foreign national on the basis of temporary residence of at least 5 years of continuous residence in BiH.

Non-visa stay is the right of stay for foreigners coming from countries with visa-free travel of up to 90 days within any period of 180 days, which means, taking into account the period of 180 days prior to each day of the stay, unless otherwise determined by an international treaty to which BiH is a party.